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Dispatch Center Equipment

The console is the core to your dispatch operations. Motorola offers a variety of console configurations to meet the needs of dispatch centers from a simple desktop to a large multi position console configuration.

Desktop Consoles are self-contained radio dispatching units that control single or multiple base stations. Consoles may be remotely located in another part of the building, a branch office, or even in another city. Multiple desktop consoles can work in parallel to access and control a radio system.

Motorola MIP™ 5000

MIP 5000

VoIP Radio Console

When you need to keep your field personnel connected with clear, effective and affordable voice communication, you can rely on the MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console. Designed for public safety, corporate campus locations, university campus sites, hotel complexes or remote field office/command centers, Motorola's deployable MIP 5000 VoIP Radio Console provides an easy and economical way to manage communications without delay, anywhere a network connection is available. This powerful radio-over-IP-dispatch console operates in a Windows® environment and can control up to 24 channels

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Motorola MC2500

Motorola MC2500

Multi-Channel Deskset Controller

The MC2500 Deskset allows remote control access to the functions of up to four analog base stations, repeaters or control stations in a conventional system.

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Motorola MC1000

Motorola MC1000

Deskset Controller

The MC1000 Deskset allows remote control access to the basic functions of a single base station, repeater or radio in a conventional system. Up to 10 units can operate in parallel.

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Furniture; Dispatch Products & Watson


Space Saver Model

This space saver design can save up to 16% of the floor space occupied by a typical corner workstation with the same monitor capacity.

  • Space for up to six 21" flat panel monitors
  • Separate keyboard surface with +/- 15 degrees of tilt and 19" of vertical adjustment.
  • Hanging CPU cabinet with lockable lift off access.

Dual Surface Corner Lift Model

The Dual Surface Workstation is equipped with two independent surfaces each with a set of lift modules.

The dual lift workstation provides two independent electric lift surfaces for monitors and input devices. Both surfaces are sized for the quantity and size of the equipment to be located on the surface.

Monitor surfaces can provide up to 1,000 pounds of lift and input surfaces up to 530 pounds of lift.

Lift Heights range from 22" to 48.5".

The keyboard surface can be sized for multiple keyboard as well as providing writing space.

Floor mounted equipment cabinets are equipped with lockable, vented, lift-off access panels.

Wire management includes energy chains between equipment cabinet and lift surface and between two separate lift surfaces.

Quiet fans provide air circulation within the cabinets.


Focal-Link is a system of pole mounted arc shaped flat panel mounting structures and a multilink folding support that provides an adjustable focal length.

The Focal-Link pole mounted arc can be expanded to two and even three arcs. The base arc will support four 21" displays and is expandable to six.

Adding the Focal-Link folding support results in an adjustable focal depth of up to 12".

The Focal-Link system provides an unobstructed surface for mounting electronics modules etc.

Synchronized Clocks; NetClock

NetClock® WiSync™ Wireless Clock System

Accurate, Legally Traceable Time®, on display throughout your facility and campus

No more wondering which clock has the right time

These clocks are synchronized to national and international time standards using a reliable, secure and manageable time server as the system’s master clock. Official time from the NetClock® time server is broadcast to the clocks by a wireless transmitter. The clocks both receive and transmit the time resulting in a robust and accurate time network. Adjustment for DST is automatic and fully configurable.

Easy wire-free installation with unprecedented convenience

Perfect for replacing aging wired sync clocks. Battery-powered clocks are completely wire-free. 24/110 VAC option available. Simply mount a clock near the transceiver (within 6,500 feet if in open space). As you add more clocks, they act together to increase the signal strength to each unit and extend the range of the base transceiver. The system utilizes 900 MHz frequency-hopping technology to eliminate interfering with other devices, and the time and expense of applying for and maintaining an FCC license. You can implement the system immediately.

Display time synchronized with network systems and devices

The system benefits much more than display clocks. Network deployments such as VOIP, records management systems (such as electronic health records), IT security systems, building automation, video surveillance, and regulatory compliance programs require accurate and reliable network time synchronization. The NetClock master clock is a network time server that improves the efficiency of the network applications. Finally, you can integrate display time and clock system with your entire network infrastructure.


  • Synchronize display clocks to computer networks, voice and video systems, telephony, security systems, building automation, access control, fire alarms, electronic record systems, etc.
  • Official time from GPS or dial-up service
  • Wire-free, battery-powered analog (24/110VAC also available)
  • Each clock acts as a transmitter and a repeater for a robust wireless mesh network
  • Proven 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology
  • No FCC license required
  • Microprocessor-based clock with automatic calibration
  • Built-in diagnostic mode for easy maintenance
  • Made in the USA


A master clock can be known as a reference clock, time standard, network clock, authoritative time source, sync clock, or atomic clock.

But the function is the same: to keep timing systems and secondary clocks (slave clocks) running consistently to improve performance. A Spectracom master clock offers the additional advantage of accuracy and traceability to national and international standards by using GPS and other atomic time sources. NetClock® and Epsilon Clock™ master clocks have been optimized for the specific requirements of many applications and industries including vital communications and command centers, such as 9-1-1 and other public safety answering points (PSAP), aerospace and defense, and telecommunications and broadcasting.