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Improving the safety of students and the overall learning experience with wireless technology

Although many schools are experiencing rapidly shrinking budgets, they’re still faced with the challenge of improving enrollment, academic performance, staff efficiency, and safety. These efforts would be virtually impossible if not for wireless technologies such as two-way radios, surveillance cameras, and robust wireless networks.

From radio systems that help you locate staff, students, and buses instantly, high definition video surveillance that add a layer of security in buildings, throughout campus and on buses, to secure wireless networks built for high-density and BYOD environments, we are helping schools implement solutions that work.

At ERS-OCI Wireless, we provide the tools and resources you need to help make your school safer and more efficient using wireless voice, data, and video systems.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Advanced Digital Two-way Radio Systems
  • Secure WLAN
  • Distributed Antenna Systems
  • School Bus Video & CCTV
  • In-Bus Wi-Fi
  • Managed Services


Our goal is to help you create a flexible learning environment that enhances students’ learning experience, while improving staff efficiency, and overall safety.
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We can help your school communicate clearly with bus drivers, track bus fleets, monitor activites inside and outside of buses, and offer in-bus wi-fi for students and staff on the go.
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From scalable wireless LAN’s that can expand with your schools’ needs, to wireless connectivity, Integrated voice and data, we can help your department create a connected campus.
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