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Portable Two-Way Radios

Portable radios make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use for users on the move. These practical radios can easily help increase productivity by keeping users communicating, while allowing them to concentrate on the job at hand.

Motorola Professional Digital Portable Radios

Motorola MOTOTRBO Radios

Industry/Government Radios

The next-generation professional two-way radio communications solution is here. MOTOTRBO is the first digital two-way radio system from Motorola specifically designed to meet the requirements of professional organizations that need a customizable business critical communication solution using licensed spectrum.

MOTOTRBO Portable Radios

Analog Radios

Motorola Analog Portable Radio

Analog Portable Radios

Discontinued Radios

Discontinued Motorola Portable Radio

The following products may no longer be manufactured or available for sale. Please Contact Us for information on how to upgrade, replace or repair your product.

  • Motorola CP110
  • Motorola CP110MURS
  • Motorola CP200
  • Motorola CP200XLS
  • Motorola EX500
  • Motorola EX560XLS
  • Motorola EX600XLS
  • Motorola HT1250 LS+
  • Motorola PR400
  • Motorola XPR 6350
  • Motorola XPR 6380
  • Motorola XPR 6550
  • Motorola XPR 6580

Discontinued Radios