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VehixTRAC fleet tracking puts you in the passenger seat of each of your company vehicles. With a robust suite of reports available, real-time alerts, and remote function access- you are in control. This tracking system doesn’t require you to be at your computer monitoring all day long, you can set it up to send alerts via email or SMS Text message.

Many businesses want to monitor their fleets because they can more effectively manage them. It’s hard to manage something that you can’t measure. With VehixTRAC it’s easy to see where waste and inefficiencies are.

Actions that can be tracked include:

  • Excessive Idle Time
  • Poor driver route
  • Personal or unauthorized vehicle use
  • Late start to workdays or excessive breaks
  • Moonlighting
  • Speeding and driving practices
  • False or exaggerated overtime sheets
  • Theft of company assets

Some of the benefits of tracking the above actions include:

  • Reduce fuel costs by up to 20% by reducing idol time and personal use
  • Reduce Time to and from jobsites
  • Produce more accurate billing and improved customer service
  • Theft Deterrent and Lower Insurance Cost.

VehixTRAC also allows you to monitor assets, making it easier to recover lost or stolen equipment:

  • Daily locate lets you know where equipment is located every day
  • Set up alerts if equipment moves more than 1 mile
  • Reports for “Hours of Use” per piece of equipment
  • Optional Starter- disable
  • Optional 24v Converter
  • Optional Panic Button
  • IO capabilities; sensor monitoring included
  • Motion sensor wakes up VehixTRAC tracking unit from sleep mode

VehixTRAC is an affordable solution that provides valuable information and a quick return-on-investment. For more information call 800-475-3320 or contact our GPS Vehicle Tracking Department.

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