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ERS-OCI Wireless is an authorized dealer for American Signal. American Signal has many different types of outdoor warning sirens available, making it much easier to find the perfect siren for your community, school, business or park. ERS-OCI Wireless works directly with American Signal to do range studies to determine the best siren for your surroundings. One unique thing about the American Signal product line and their company is that for over 20 years, American Signal has been a world leader and innovator in the wireless control and monitoring field, and they do so at an affordable cost. American Signal strongly recommends CompuLert packages which are off the shelf and customizable and expandable, by ASC, Integrators or end users.

Communication choices to Remote Terminal Units include:

Wireless Communications:

  • Low Band and Hi Band VHF
  • UHF Conventional and LTR Trunking
  • 800 and 900 Conventional and Trunking systems
  • 900 and 2.4 Gb frequency hopping spread spectrum
  • Microwave

Wired Communications:

  • Leased Telco lines
  • Hardware twisted pair
  • Ethernet

For more information on American Signal sirens, please contact ERS-OCI Wireless at or 800-475-3320